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whitebeltmafia's Journal

The White Belt Mafia
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this is a hardcore/indie communtity. post shows, plug your band, or whatever just please no quizes. oh yeah and moronic introductions are stirctly prohibited.
!!!, 7 angels 7 plagues, absinthe, american nightmare, an albatross, art nouveau, at the drive in, awesomenicity, b.b. king, bay area, being lame, belle and sebastian, bettie page bangs, bleeding kansas, blonde redhead, botch, british sea power, broken spindles, bucket full of teeth, cat on form, chet baker, clique bang!, coffee, cosby sweaters, cursing john basedow, dancing, deathcab for cutie, fashion, foucault, gin, godspeed you black emperor!, good tattoos, hot cross, ibook, ikea, ipod, john stamos, kaputnik, kill bill, le tigre, lick golden sky, longer-than-name nicknames, lovers, me without you, michael ian black, minus the bear, misery signals, modest mouse, moma, months-that-don't-end-in-r-or-y, morrissey, murder city devils., norma jean, now it's overhead, nyquil, off minor, orchid, outkast, panthers, peaches, pg. 99, philosophy, pointed shoes, political science, political theory, pop art, postmodernism, radio 4, ratatat, reading, refused, reusing jars as dishware, robots, rosalind, saetia, san francisco, saturn cafe, shoes, shows, stella, texas is the reason, that crazy vowel y, the (international) noise conspiracy, the black heart procession, the black keys, the causey way, the chariot, the daughters, the dillenger escape plan, the family guy, the go, the good life, the kinks, the locust, the pattern, the postal service, the rapture, the red light sting, the rolling stones, the shins, the smiths, the upright citizens brigade, the velvet teen, the velvet underground, the who, thunderbirds are now!, ugly cassanova, unearth, zao