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miss machine tour review

this was taken from an old entry. well, the 27th of Oct. at least.......

so this is going to be my very belated show review for converge and dillenger.........


the dillinger escape plan is unquestionably the razor’s edge of creativity in the current hardcore/metal underground. few bands have reshaped the limits of what extreme music can be to the degree that dillinger has, redefining genres while establishing their own unique identity in the process. think like the daughters or the locust but better.........way better. these guys put on an awesome show with lights and effect and shit. the guitarist totally dives into the crowd without missing a note. it was unbelievable to see such techy music played live..........oh yeah they played for like 2 hours too.


i have written all i can about this band. again they play and again they impressed. they played slower than the cd which was kinda lame though....

Interviewer: I read in an interview that you go to a lot of karaoke places - do you have a favorite song to do? Any chance ETID will be doing a 7" of Tom Jones covers anytime soon?

Keith: It is almost impossible to designate one song to the gold medal position, as it is obvious to any of my close friends that it remains a toss up between ..38 Specials' "Teacher Teacher", and Blackstreets "No Diggity". As far as us doing any Tom Jones covers, it seems unlikely. However, we WILL be doing the opening song for the TOM ARNOLD show, which is being re-aired this summer by NBC.


ok so these guy are totally christian. i realize that bothers some people. i however, have taken the stance that if the music is badass, the christianity doesn't bother me. Evidence: my favorite band in the world right now (norma jean/the chariot) are hardcoremilitant christian. So i think Zao has done some pretty amazing songs (savanna) so i do respect them, even though i don't agree with everything they stand for. i saw soooooo many kids mocking these guys and i felt really bad for them. here these guys are putting their hearts and faith on the line by going on a major tour, knowing that they are gonna catch some shit from the fans of etid and such. they put on a great show and played all my favorites.....which is like 3. i was glad when it was over so i didn't have to look at those kids being assholes anymore.


in the end, jim dandy's ended up being a pretty lame crowd mostly because it was soooooooooo highschool. but one of the things i am so happy i was there for was a.)to see withallsencerity and b.) to see misery signals. i had no clue who they were when they opened for some gay ass shit like scars of tomorrow or something. i watched them and listened with an intensity and urgency that i only get when i think i'm hearing something special. the drums are amazing, as his double bass has mad stalls and a butch of weird timing signatures. oh yeah.....see this guy? *points down*


this guy is one of my guitar hero's. i i could pick a guy to play guitar like.........this would be him (even though i am tempted by that dude in between the buried and me). i mean, jesus this kid can play. he rocks out so hard too, he bangs his head so hard that you would think his head might just pop of his neck. he puts it all out there and i really respect that.

but before i saw all of this.......i saw................CONVERGE


these guys win the award for: being the best band i have ever seen live. period. every song was fucking chaos. Kids mobbing the stage, mobbing the mic, head walking, hardcore dancing, swinging from the rafters.......i mean every fucking song started like this. I can't beleive the effect this bands has on people.

i'm telling you, people..... converge is emotional music. i honestly think that. to me convege can move me as much as a symphony or much as any bright eyes song. The difference is in the execution. true convege mainly focuses on the darker, seedier aspects of our human experence and they do it waaaaay louder, angier, and with a ferocity that is unmached by anything this hardcore kid has ever seen.
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